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Students appointed to the judicial council, senator for communication, executive assistant


ASWSU senators confirmed four people to vacancies in a meeting Wednesday evening.

ASWSU senators confirmed that several people were in vacant positions during a meeting on Wednesday evening.

Major in Senior Psychology, Lauren Moffat, was confirmed in the role of Open Management Assistant.

Moffat said they believed their past experience in crisis response would make them an asset to the team and that their experience would help them support their peers within ASWSU.

They said they hope to gain experience implementing policies on a college campus.

Emma Heilman, a first year political science student, has been confirmed to the vacant Judicial Council post.

On the pre-legal track, Heilman said she believes in allowing all parties to express their opinions and wants to give the student body a voice in campus decisions.

Heilman said her previous experience in the associate student body at her high school prepared her for the job and she believes she can remain impartial when difficult situations arise.

Giulia Renner, a junior major in human development, has been confirmed in the second vacant post of the Judicial Council.

Renner said she wants to serve her community in the best possible way and believes her previous experience in a Greek organization and her academic jobs have prepared her for this position.

Sarah McTiernan, a junior public relations major, has been confirmed as the senator for open communications.

McTiernan said she hopes to be a friendly face on campus and to the students of the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication.

She said she hopes to help start clubs to support students in communication with programs such as the Adobe suite.

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