Dr Oz would like to become a senator


– Senator Dr Oz? Perhaps if the sources who spoke to the Philadelphia Investigator are right about Mehmet Oz, famous doctor and lifestyle personality. The 61-year-old is set to compete in the Pennsylvania U.S. Senate race, which the newspaper calls one of the most critical races in the country next year. It’s especially difficult for Republicans, whose Oz primary is expected to join, since Trump-backed candidate Sean Parnell suspended his campaign. Sources say Oz has already hired campaign assistants and started speaking to GOP leaders in Pennsylvania, and could announce his candidacy this week, possibly on Sean Hannity’s show Tuesday. TMZ‘S sources say he has already made a multi-million dollar media buy in Pennsylvania. The Republican primary to replace the GOP’s Pat Toomey, who is not seeking re-election, is “wide open”, according to the Applicant.

While Oz has enormous notoriety and a huge fortune, his political views are somewhat of a mystery (although it was his show in which Donald Trump leaked his medical records before running for president in 2016; he has was then appointed to serve on one of the presidential councils; and he pushed hydroxychloroquine on Fox News on several occasions). His medical opinions are widely known, however, and they have become quite controversial since Oprah Winfrey first rocketed Oz almost two decades ago. Yahoo News calls him a “pyramid scheme pitchman,” highlighting his promotion of diet pills that other medical experts have called a sham. Oz is expected to take a step back from his show in the middle of the campaign. Earlier this month, Politics reported that Republican insiders were “baffled” by Oz’s desire to participate in the race, and some viewed him as an “upholsterer,” having only recently transferred his voter registration to Pennsylvania from New Jersey . (Read more stories from Dr Oz.)

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