Larry Nassar: Judiciary Committee senators call for more action after botched investigation

The committee also sent a letter to Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, requesting “further audits of FBI work involving sex crimes against children.”

Nassar’s botched investigation included delays which the Inspector General said resulted in some 70 gymnasts being abused after the FBI learned of the allegations against the doctor, prompting a bipartisan conviction on Capitol Hill .

Lawmakers were particularly frustrated with the Justice Department’s decision not to prosecute two former FBI officials who allegedly lied in the fallout from the botched investigation, through Justice Department officials who said the ministry was reviewing these decisions in the light of new information.

Among the information the senators asked Wray to hand over: “policies and documents that define how the FBI will ensure accountability among employees” who violate the policies in question. Senators gave Wray a December 10 deadline.

In their letter to Horowitz, senators noted that FBI officials overseeing the Nassar investigation violated procedures already in place. “For these reasons, there can be no assurance that policy and training improvements alone will achieve better outcomes for abuse survivors and prevent the FBI from repeating its missteps in future cases,” said senators.

They called on the Inspector General to “take further steps to ensure that the FBI’s approach to child sexual abuse cases is thorough, competent and compassionate, and that its improvements in policy and training really have the desired effect “.

Nassar – who at one point was a leading physician for USA Gymnastics as well as Michigan State University – is currently serving a sentence of 40 to 175 years in prison after pleading guilty to seven counts. charge of criminal sexual conduct in a case brought by prosecutors in Michigan.
How the FBI mismanaged its Nassar investigation continues to be scrutinized and in September the Senate Judiciary Committee held a moving hearing in which several top gymnasts testified about the abuse they say they suffered. from the doctor. One of those gymnasts, McKayla Maroney, was interviewed by the FBI in the summer of 2015, only to stop the investigation as Nassar continued to abuse other gymnasts, according to the inspector general. Wray and Horowitz also testified at the September hearing.

In their latest letter to Wray, Judicial Committee Senators said it was “imperative that Congress be fully aware of the steps the FBI is taking to ensure that we can provide the Bureau with adequate resources and ensure that these mistakes never happen again. “They are looking for information on FBI policies for interviewing abused children, as well as other information on how the FBI handles cases of sexual abuse.

Senators are asking the Inspector General to conduct additional audits related to the FBI’s approach to sex crime investigations.

“We hope that additional audits will identify other areas of improvement for the FBI related to child sex crimes and lead to better outcomes for survivors,” Senators said in their letter to Horowitz.

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