Senator Square: Winners of the SF, Fantasy and Horror Interclass Writing Contest


Teachers and students enjoy participating in competitive activities and events, especially when the winners receive exciting Starbucks gift cards and a first, second, or third place certificate.

The event is the annual writing competition three times per school year. Three times each school year, the SCH Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror classes, not necessarily in that order, also known as English IV incognito, participate in an inter-class writing competition. In the first term, students study the horror genre and the structure of all fictional literature using what is called the Freytag pyramid model.

After finding a creative pen name, alias, or pseudonym, they then write their short horror stories with special attention to structure and readability. The creation of a pen name, alias or pseudonym is almost as important as the news itself because it alleviates any prejudices. No student reader knows whether the writer is male or female, let alone other potentially biased factors. For example, and not surprisingly, a popular name is Justin Time.

Even the teacher is not allowed to participate in the evaluation of the copies and only receives them at the end of the competition in order to read them and evaluate them himself. For judging, students form five groups of five and receive stories from another class. A3 receives stories from B2, B2 receives stories from B4 and B4 receives stories from B2. This is where the first phase of the competition begins. Each group then reads and chooses the best story from their top five. In the next class, phase two begins with each group receiving a copy of the first five final stories. They read them, then choose the best story again to narrow it down to first, second, and third place. For the Horror Stories contest, first place in block A3 went to CHS seniors Brett Barbarigos, Ari Erickson and Clinton DeWitt. In block B2, the winners are Cindy Hernandez-Platero, Mario Morgan Meza and Gisselle Diaz Mata. In block B4, the winners are Eric Arteaga Almaraz, Courtney Reilly and Yullisa Solis Pacheco. While winning is fun, the same people don’t win every time, and tennis star Boris Becker summed it up best when he said, “I like to win, I can take loss, but I do. above all like to play. For the love of the game, well done to all who love competition and fair play.

SPECIAL EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES FILL THE CARSON HIGH LIBRARY @SENATORS The Carson High @Senators Library was full this week with special activities and events. The new entrance mats featured a new library logo created by the CHS students to welcome guests into the active space. The Carson City Library hosted a Maker Monday lunchtime event with Virtual Reality. CHS students are encouraged to explore the resources and can check out which devices to use at home. Students can visit the Carson Library Digitorium Monday and Wednesday through Friday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to go out, work and create in the teen center. Heather Engle, (CHS class 86) introduced CHS teacher Erin Been to health classes as part of a career exploration and decision making unit. The library lounge area, with comfortable seating, stationary bikes, and space for students to interact and engage, is the perfect backdrop for guest lecturers. This week the SCH and WNC celebrate Dia de los Muertos with an ofrenda created by student volunteers. Next week, the CHS is hosting lunchtime activities and games for students. To learn more about this party, click the icon on the @SenatorsLibrary discovery page at


CHS Ceramics I and II students will have their Calavera masks on display at the WNC until November 22 in the Bristlecone building. CHS Visual and Ceramic 2 students will have their Dia de los Muertos-inspired art on display in a CHS ofrenda at the Nevada State Museum on November 5-6.


A donation of $ 300 to the Carson Tahoe Cancer Foundation for Breast Cancer Research and Awareness was made after AP teacher Jason Macy worked in rose for breast cancer research.


The CHS Blue Thunder Marching Band will enjoy a fanfare banquet to celebrate the hard work and dedication of its members, “Potluck Style”, on November 15 in the CHS upstairs cafeteria starting at 6 pm. They will enjoy appetizers, chicken, ham, drinks, supplies, desserts and condiments. For more information, please email CHS Group Director Nick Jacques at


The Carson High Holiday Craft Fair will take place November 19-20. There is a limited number of places available for interested sellers. The Craft Fair is in need of adult volunteers to help with admissions, raffle, vendor registration, volunteer registration, and parking assistance. Shifts are two hours long and the hours are donated in cash to clubs, sports or the CHS student class. All proceeds from this event go directly to CHS students, and the Craft Fair also awards CHS graduate scholarships, which go to the college of their choice. Please contact Cathy Barbie at 882-8109 for more information.


Each year, Samsung hosts a national $ 2 million competition for public schools in grades 6 to 12, in which students are invited to think about how science, technology, engineering and math can be used to create change in their communities. With the help of their teachers, students can apply for the competition and compete to win up to $ 100,000 in prizes for their school, as well as the opportunity to work with Samsung employees to develop their prototypes. For more information, please visit, email, or contact Education Programs Professional Andrew Snyder of the Nevada Department of Education Standards and Instructional Support, 755 Roop Street Suite 201 in Carson City, NV 89701 asnyder @ doe


The CHS student of the week is Yvon Ambriz Cabrera, a junior. According to the appointed CHS teacher, “I find Yvon to be unusual among students, one who always thinks about the needs, hopes and dreams of others. He went on to say, “Yvon” flies under the radar “but has a lot to say without asking to be heard.” Yvon is sixteen years old, is in a theater club, has been in the theater arts for five years and has done musical theater and graphic design all the years spent at the CHS so far in order to receive a diploma in fine arts. arts. As for colleges, Yvon is studying at the Academy of the Arts at the University of San Francisco or Portland State University and intends to major in film and television or criminology. Yvon is humble by nature and said, “Thank you again for that; I didn’t deserve this, but thanks again. Obviously, the teacher thought the opposite. Carson City School District employees nominate the CHS Student of the Week, and often their teachers make the nomination, although anyone in the district can do so by emailing pbrady @ carson Congratulations to Yvon Ambriz Cabrera on his nomination to the CHS Student of the Week.


Congratulations to Allison Gerow on being named CHS Senior In the Spotlight. From the start of her college career, Allison Gerow has been committed to challenging herself. This shows through his choice of college and high school courses. In middle school, she took Algebra I in order to be in advanced math class by the end of high school. Early in high school, she pursued an advanced path with honors classes that challenged her in her first and second years, and took advanced placement courses in her second years, junior and senior. She has a weighted GPA of 4.76, while maintaining a cumulative GPA of 3.9. Additionally, Allison was a cadet in the NJROTC program for all four years of high school. The NJROTC program provided her with skills in leadership, responsibility and motivation. She was also a member of the varsity air rifle team for four years, serving as team captain and competing in national championships. She holds the position of Executive Officer, a senior leadership position in the battalion. Allison also volunteers in community service, serving at least 80 hours of service tilting a river, helping organize events in elementary schools, attending local events like dog shows and air shows, and in helping local organizations and businesses. Allison is highly motivated, has a strong sense of responsibility and a commitment to a life of learning. Her commitment to learning is part of her motivation to be ready for any path she chooses. Allison plans to attend UNR in the fall, focusing on earning a science degree. The CHS celebrates Allison Gerow as this week’s Senior in the Spotlight. ~ Contributed by CHS Advisor Fawn Lewis.

Phil Brady is an English teacher at CHS.

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