The proposals of Senator de Virginie Suetterlein among the first bills


ROANOKE, Va. (WDBJ) – State lawmakers are now pre-tabling bills for the General Assembly session that begins in January, and among the first, three from the Roanoke County State Senator , David Suetterlein (R-19).

Suetterlein looks back at the issues he raised before.

Senate Bill 3 would require that ballots cast before polling day be counted at the voters’ precinct, rather than at a central office.

“This will allow people to see more precisely what the count is,” Suetterlein said, “and it will be more difficult for bad actors to try to mislead people.”

Senate Bill 4 would limit the length of the governor’s emergency decrees.

“It’s important that we have a balance of power, that we have checks and balances for the people,” Suetterlein told WDBJ7 in an interview.

Senate Bill 5 would make public the individual votes of the members of the Virginia Parole Board.

“The best decisions are made when people know who is making them,” he said, “and this provides important transparency and accountability to citizens. “

Suetterlein has already introduced all three measures and two have been passed by the State Senate. With a new GOP majority in the House of Delegates and a Republican in the governor’s office, he believes their prospects will improve.

“All three bills have already enjoyed bipartisan support,” Suetterlein said. “I hope that my fellow Democrats in the Senate will once again work collaboratively to pass them again, and that the new Republican majority in the House of Delegates will pass them as well.”

And there are more bills to come.

Suetterlein and other West Virginia lawmakers will offer dozens more by the time the General Assembly is convened on January 12.

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