‘The View’ has a field day mocking Senator Kyrsten Sinema


The panelists of View fired no punches when discussing Senator Kyrsten Sinema’s shortcomings during today’s hot topics. While it’s rare for the five hosts to completely agree on a subject, their shared disgust for the Democratic senator managed to bring them together for a harmonious roasting session.

Specifically, the panelists were discussing a recent confrontation involving one of the constituents of Sinema. As the senator was walking through an airport, a protester approached her and asked her about health care. This is the senator’s second public clash in recent weeks.

“I’m sorry, what is her job? ”Whoopi Goldberg tore Sinema apart.“ She’s elected, elected. What’s her job?

Next to make fun of Sinema was Joy Behar, who as usual didn’t hold back at all: “I would like to say to him: Senator, you are a public servant. You’re not Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, okay? You are a civil servant. It’s your job.

The panel then reflected on the nature of civil servants in the country, addressing the conundrum of their responsibility to ordinary people. What would happen, the ladies of View asked, if members of Congress have stopped responding to the general public forever? Ana Navarro referred to Joe Manchin, another controversial Democrat acting similarly to Sinema.

“Let me tell you there is a huge difference in the way Manchin – who you may disagree with – handles this and the way she does it. Manchin will answer anyone’s question. If a mouse in Washington stops and says, “Manchin, where are you? What is your position on this? “He will respond,” Navarro said before tearing up another aspect of Sinema. “I think I know, however, what Senator Sinema’s job is. Apparently her job is to dress like Snyder’s One day at a time while chairing the US Senate.

After shading Sinema over her outfit, Navarro realized she had been criticized for her closet as a female public figure: “Here on this show we’re very careful. We know what it’s like to be criticized for what we wear and how we look. It is very good. It comes with the territory, and we try not to do it. But it’s not a question of gender. I assure you that if my friend Mitt Romney came to the Senate with this, I would call him and tell him he’s crazy.

Behar disagreed, however, suggesting that Senator Cruz has at times been just as ill-suited to Washington. Still, the co-host got back to business, talking only about politics and politics.

“Who cares what she’s wearing? It’s his way of voting, ”Behar replied. “I care how they vote, I don’t care how they dress.”

With that, Sunny Hostin gave details of how Sinema voted alongside the Republican Party.

“She voted 50% of the time with Trump’s policies. It troubles me. I care less, like Joy, about what she’s wearing, although I think it’s unworthy of the position she’s in, ”Hostin said. “I will say this: I am in great conflict with the voters who approach him all the time.”

If she doesn’t like being approached in public, Hostin suggested the MP hold town halls and take responsibility for her role.

“She does not host town halls or press conferences; she doesn’t talk to reporters, and when she does, she’s sarcastic, ”said Sara Haines. They asked her, ‘Everyone wants to know where you are at,’ and she said, ‘The Senate, trying to be cheeky. “

“She doesn’t talk to voters, but she talks to donors and lobbyists. And that’s wrong, ”jumped Navarro, totally finished with Sinema’s behavior.

“Ana, the woman is a Democrat in Republican clothes,” Behar said. “That’s what she is.”

It was Goldberg who got the last slam-dunk on Sinema, dragging an old School rock tune to roast the senator once and for all.

“Conjunction junction, Sinema, what is your function ?

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