Visit of Nnamdi Kanu: I am very disappointed with you, Senator Orji Kalu castigates the lawyer for the head of IPOB Nigeria news

  • Senator Orji Kalu responded to allegation he violated stipulated guidelines to visit detained IPOB chief Nnamdi Kanu
  • Ifeanyi Ejiofor, Kanu’s lawyer, made the allegation and criticized the DSS for allowing Kalu private access to his client.
  • In his response, Senator Kalu explained that he followed the stipulated guidelines, saying he was disappointed that the lawyer made such allegations.

FCT, Abuja – Senator Orji Uzor Kalu reacted to the allegation that his visit to Nnamdi Kanu at the Headquarters of the Department of State Services (DSS) was in blatant violation of visitation guidelines ordered by the court.

The lead lawyer for the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Ifeanyi Ejiofor, made the allegation, berating the DSS for granting former Abia state governor Kalu private access to his customer, Avant-garde reported.

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Visit of Nnamdi Kanu: Senator Orji Kalu reacts to the allegations of the lawyer for the head of the IPOB
Senator Orji Kalu has refuted allegations that he did not follow the guidelines stipulated during his visit to Nnamdi Kanu detained by the DSS. Photo credit: Senator Orji Uzor Kalu
Source: Facebook

React via Facebook post Seen by on Wednesday, December 1, Senator Kalu said he had fulfilled all expected requirements of hem before seeing Kanu, including getting permission from his lawyers.

The statement read:

“I have read the statement issued by one of Maazi Nnamdi Kanu’s counsel, lawyer Ifeanyi Ejiofor, in which I am very disappointed with him. He rightly admitted that I had to visit his client. and at the same time, claimed that I had violated the stipulated guidelines for visiting his client.He said he was supposed to be present at the 2 pm meeting on Monday.

“Several people, including lawyer Ejiofor, tried to misinterpret and misinform the public about my visit to my brother, Nnamdi. I also read a report indicating that I had taken photos with Nnamdi and that I I also tweeted the same thing on my Twitter account.

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“For the record, the Department of State Services (DSS) did not violate any protocols during my visit as I fulfilled all the requirements expected of me before seeing Nnamdi. The DSS claimed that I cannot see Nnamdi without the application of his lawyers who I did it diligently.

“Probably, lawyer Ejiofor may have expected me to arrive at 4 pm for a visit scheduled for 2 pm What many people call ‘African time’ is not my style. I strictly respect the time and it is a discipline that I have respected since my childhood. I arrived at the DSS headquarters at 13:50, followed the necessary protocols and met Nnamdi at 14:17. I stayed with him until 2:57 pm Even though he asked that I stay longer but I had to leave because of other commitments. “

Kanu doesn’t have to see anyone

Senator Kalu, who is the Chief Whip of the Senate, also noted that the head of the detained IPOB is not required to see anyone and that he would have refused if he did not want to see him.

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However, he said Kanu was happy to see him and also expressed his deep appreciation.

The head of the All Progressives Congress (APC) also said he was not with his phone when he visited Kanu and had not taken any photos.

He explained that the photograph people circulated was the one he took with him when he visited him at the Nigerian Correctional Service’s Medial Security Detention Center in Kuje in 2016.

Probable reason why Ejiofor is “angry”

Senator Kalu noted that “Ejiofor’s anger seems to stem from annoyance at not being there to listen to our conversations.”

Federal lawmakers have said that the IPOB chief’s lawyer “looks like someone who benefits from the crisis.”

He added:

“People like him (Ejiofor) may not see the economic damage the Southeast suffers from the weekly sit-at-homes. He does not understand that people can protest in peace without disrupting economic activities and become violent.

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“He does not understand that there are people whose livelihood depends solely on the daily turmoil. If you have the best interests of the people at heart, you should also consider their security, economic prosperity and peaceful livelihoods. .

“I call on Ejiofor to be patriotic, to rise above the overriding and pecuniary interests, and to put the interests of the people of the Southeast and the country first.”

Nigerians react

Cosmas Chijioke said on Facebook:

“OUK you did well to visit him and it doesn’t matter what people say because they have to say something. None of them are going to want to be traded with MNK Freedom. You should have asked Bar Ejiofor s’ too. would he agree to be traded with MNK Freedom? “

Chinedu Ndukwe said:

“You’ve just established your point. No need to call the Bar. Ejio for a home seat beneficiary. He is MNK’s lawyer and reserves the right to be accorded respect for putting his life on the line. danger.”

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Maximus Ugwuoke said:

“If indeed lawyer Ejiofor did not show up promptly at 2 pm to see him as is claimed here, then he is part of the problem.”

David-Chyddy Eleke said:

“May I congratulate you sir on this clarification.” Lots of so-called pro-Kanu guys are just taking the opportunity of his job to jump in and even cash in on the process. “

What I said to Nnamdi Kanu – Senator Kalu

Earlier, reported that Senator Kalu said he visited Kanu on Monday, November 29.

The former governor of Abia state and current Senate chief whip said he had met Kanu “in good health and with care”.

He also said he had “encouraged” the leader of the IPOB to be attentive to his actions and his words.


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